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Digitalisation is at the fore of many companies’ strategies – and VOX is no exception. As a forward-thinking strategic partner to world-leading

The past two years have underscored how quickly normal life can be upended. While the covid-19 pandemic will hopefully be the most

When optimising various business verticals, the SCOR – supply chain operations reference – model, is vital. It’s a way of analysing and

By this point, everyone’s heard of Industry 4.0. Governments around the world have been introducing roadmaps to take their manufacturing sectors to

There’s been a lot of talk about what digitalisation is over recent years – and how it is upending every industry from

Sustainability is top of mind across all types of companies and industries. And VOX is determined to make a difference, not only

The fight against climate change is at an inflection point and it is critical that all levers are used to enact change.

You might be forgiven for thinking that the circular economy is a new concept. Although renewed focus is being placed on this,

Climate change is not a new issue. While it has long been at the forefront of many companies’ agendas, others are lagging