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VOX’s sustainability strategy is intrinsically linked with that of our customers. Capturing their values and needs in partnership with all our stakeholders enables us to deliver sustainable brand experiences.

As committed stewards in shaping partnerships for good, we guide our clients to:

  • reduce and optimize by using the most sustainable resources and processes
  • reuse and upcycle effectively by relying on the most adaptive and innovative designs
  • offset their impact on the planet by cutting out waste and creating a circular model for POP marketing
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We are committed to helping our customers measurably reduce their ecological footprint by working across their entire POP supply chain. By partnering with our customers on optimisation and innovation, we can improve the sustainability and effectiveness of their POP procurement.

Green mission in action





Together for a sustainable future

VOX is proud to be a recognised EcoVadis partner.
EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings that provides performance data in four main categories – environment, ethics, labour and human rights, and sustainable procurement. 

We have our sights set on an EcoVadis silver medal in 2022, and are confident that we’ll be able to achieve it with our robust sustainability roadmap in place.

University of Cambridge

VOX has partnered with the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering for several years, taking on student interns to expose them to the challenges and possibilities of working as part of a global supply chain – making use of the insight, enthusiasm and academic skills that they bring with them.

This partnership has proved invaluable on a number of VOX projects, covering areas such as: sustainable design, 3D scanning and automated development processes.

VOX SP Brian Leech

We are proud to be travelling on a structured sustainability journey with EcoVadis but we aren’t stopping there. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to our customers so we’re committed to making sustainability an essential criteria within all the benefits that we aim to deliver to our customers, our stakeholders and our employees.

achieving operational excellence

Roadmap to 2025

Explore our 4 year sustainability roadmap driven by a governance structure, aligned to our stated vision, the needs of our clients and that of our people.


Why VOX chooses steel

Improved durability




Supply ChaiN


Our perspectives on sustainability

Thought-leadership specific to the global sustainability initiatives that are central to our clients’ objectives and impact our lives everyday.

The past two years have underscored how quickly normal life can be upended. While the covid-19 pandemic will hopefully be the most significant event of its kind in our lifetimes,

When optimising various business verticals, the SCOR – supply chain operations reference – model, is vital. It’s a way of analysing and improving systems that covers five different areas: plan,

By this point, everyone’s heard of Industry 4.0. Governments around the world have been introducing roadmaps to take their manufacturing sectors to the next level, with a vision of manual

There’s been a lot of talk about what digitalisation is over recent years – and how it is upending every industry from e-commerce to manufacturing. Digitalisation, for the unaware, is


Green business cases

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Take waste out of internal packaging
Analyse waste throughout supply chain – via digital tech (rack tracking)
Sustainability driver, facilitated by tech


Academic research
Real world, large scale
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Our partners are leading the sustainability effort

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