Value engineering & innovation

We’re experts in engineering, continually challenging the status quo to provide the perfect POP solutions and the best value for clients. It’s a cornerstone of the Science of POP, and benefits include:

  • Consistent execution of your creative vision and brand language across all your POP
  • Process and materials innovation, which result in manufacturing and distribution savings
  • Rationalisation of product range – the more streamlined the product range, the more adaptable it is to different retail environments, ensuring global consistency
  • Installation efficiency, where smarter engineering generates easy-to-install modules
  • Digital transformation of your supply chain

We focus on immersing ourselves in your POP supply chain in order to understand what needs to be done to engineer the most effective displays for that brand and product. Through smart engineering solutions and our lean supply chain process, we also simultaneously deliver our clients cost savings, supply efficiencies and improved performance. This involves:

  • Making the business case for smarter supply of POP displays – this underpins everything we do, and provides significant cost-benefit advantages
  • Auditing the regional and universal display needs for the brand
  • Building the rationalised range of displays the brand needs

Over the years, we’ve worked with global brands to engineer best-in-class POP displays, and provide the technical expertise that ensures both quality and value when it comes to your POP marketing.