A systematic, intelligent and pragmatic model for POP development & supply.

A Better POP Process for the 21st Century



Speed To Market

Business Results

No Creative Compromise


VOX have a philosophy of continuous innovation to drive improvement across all areas of our business

Result: Better, faster, more efficient and more effective

Re-engineered POP Supply Chains

POP Product Invention & Design


State of the Art Technology


Control and management of data means we can help our Customers understand and optimize their POP spend – delivering better ROI

Automated Data Capture

Integration with CRM, Logistics, Planning

Objective Recommendations

Complete Supply Solutions

Everything our customers need

Supplying a complete optimized POP range to each of our global customers.

All materials: Steel, Plastics, Wood

All Processes’



Complete Category Solutions

Making our customers category leaders

Close More Sales

Complete Fixtures

Space Management