Science of POP: The secret of Vox’s success

Science of POP: Managing Director Brian Leech discusses the secret of Vox’s success

Shoppers take just 0.9 seconds, on average, to decide whether to look more closely at a point of purchase (POP) display. So it’s no surprise that many brands place so much emphasis on the design and creativity behind POP – what we like to call ‘the art of POP’. However, at Vox we have transformed the concept of POP by turning it into a science, offering solutions that put our clients’ profit margins at the centre of what they do. This ensures that the fickle habits of consumers will not adversely affect their bottom lines.

The VOX Science of POP offers clients a strategy that is not based on aesthetics, but on three core benefits that help them achieve proven long-term POP performance and impact: global brand consistency, lower costs and better supply chain performance. We persuade our clients to change their perception of POP from being a response to ad hoc marketing briefs to being an essential driver for distribution, growth, sales and profit.

At Point of Purchase, There’s Everything to Play For

We know from working closely with our clients that, with many purchases made by consumers, there is still everything to play for when they arrive in a store – even when they have left home with a particular brand in mind. One in ten shoppers will change their minds about the brand they were planning to buy once they are in the store and three in ten won’t have decided on a brand until they arrive in the store. With this much uncertainty behind customer purchasing habits, it’s absolutely critical that POP suppliers look to the future and consider elements that add value to their clients’ brands – something we do at Vox by viewing POP displays as a tool to help grow sales and profit margins.

That’s why we’re passionate about the Science of POP: we know that POP displays can influence those spontaneous purchases, particularly for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Almost 20 per cent of shoppers will impulsively purchase something from a category of goods they had not intended to buy from before they got to the store. It’s therefore crucial that a POP strategy takes a longer-term view on POP performance impact and how to drive profit and distribution growth, rather than focusing purely on aesthetics.

Vox– helping brands get their message out to more people, for longer

Our clients know how they want to communicate the product benefits and differentiation of their brand, because they understand consumers best. So the role of the POP supplier is to ensure that the brand message is present at as many locations as possible, for as long as possible. You can move towards an increased number of units being out in the field by reducing the costs and, therefore, making more units available for the same budget. Vox then ensures that these units get to the point of sale as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Permanent fixtures are better for brands, rather than a transitory piece, because you’re going to have a significantly bigger impact on sales. We like to say that more is more! But that can only be achieved if you focus on the supply chain efficiency and the cost per unit to drive that down as far as possible.

There is a direct connection between POP and sales – the more companies invest in in-store displays, the more sales increase.

Global consistency

Most of our clients are global or multinational corporations. They invest a lot of resources in ensuring that their brands are recognisable, consistent and clearly presented. It’s vital, therefore, that the displays we create conform to this, in terms of logos, colours, style and finishes. So if you visit a store in North America, you are getting the same experience as you would in a store in Europe or Asia.

We spend a lot of time on ensuring colour matches are correct at the quality control stage, because we understand the importance and value that brands place on the investment they have in their brand.

Vox exists to transform the world of POP, improving business profitability and speed to market. The Science of POP is the perfect vehicle to do just that.

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, just drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you.