How Catalogues Triggered the Digital Transformation of POP

When Vox began applying a process of digital transformation to complex Point Of Purchase (POP) supply chains, we used different tools and techniques than our competitors. As part of our pragmatic approach, which we call the Science of POP, we identified where a business application was needed, and (only) then utilised impressive technologies to achieve it.

It started with catalogues. Not necessarily the most glamorous starting point, but an essential stage in the systemising of complex global display and merchandising ranges. Used mainly in PDF, they looked nice in the hands of the salesperson, but presented some significant operational issues.

Coordinating Updates of a Live Catalogue is a Difficult Task

Catalogue changes – which could number between six and twelve a month – across hundreds or thousands of employees is a huge logistical challenge, and even then some people would still not have/use the latest version of the catalogue. New promotions weren’t being communicated properly, leading to potential for missed commercial opportunities and overstocks.

The solution was the creation of a digital catalogue app that could be updated in real-time. New deals could be launched overnight to a global audience, turning what was previously a major distribution task into a click of a button.

Next Step: Opening up Other Digital Applications

From there, other digital pathways have opened up. Catalogue apps can be integrated with clients’ CRMs to streamline the authorisation process, set up rules, and even track where orders are being placed from and refine a local range via geolocation. Instant access to a wide range of products mean that when new POP opportunities are identified, a proven solution can be picked from the catalogue and brought to market much faster than was ever previously achievable.

By identifying a POP problem and then applying a digital solution, Vox has set in motion a transformation that brings benefits across the whole sweep of the supply chain.

Augmented Reality Drives Further Business Improvement

Augmented reality (AR) is another one of the digital tools in the Vox toolbox.

AR is an ideal way to help salespeople on the ground: they are able to show the retailer exactly what their stores will look like with a new display, speeding up deals, removing objections and opening up new display possibilities.

At time of writing AR is not available from any other POP supplier; this is down to its complexity: the challenge of rendering photorealistic models is just one of the issues the Vox digital team tackled in the many months spent developing and refining this technology.

Vox Delivering Measurable POP Benefits

But when it comes to offering clients solutions to specific business issues – whether that’s updating catalogues seconds rather than hours, showing rather than telling on the shop floor, or integrating systems to improve speed and efficiency – Vox’s investment in digital is already paying off. No other supplier in the POP industry has yet embraced this transformation of the supply chain. If you’d like to learn more, just drop us a note.