Digital Transformation in Global Supply Chains

How can leading global brands capture value from digital technologies?

Investment in headline technologies like AI and blockchain is long-term strategy but customer expectations in B2B and B2C are growing right now, driven by new challenger brands and on-line retail.

Many established brands need a change of approach in order to embrace digital today and to keep up.

Start with “Shaping the future of global manufacturing supply networks: Delivering sustainable value for producers and consumers through digital platforms.”

That was the theme of the International Manufacturing Symposium at the University of Cambridge that the Vox digital and executive team attended this month.

Supply Chain visionaries from leading global organizations including Caterpillar, Microsoft, Unilever and Dartmouth College showed us how they are applying to bring transformation to their global supply chains through digital.

These simple but game-changing steps include creating collaborative ecosystems with more innovative external suppliers so that they can apply existing, pragmatic technology to address real bottlenecks in workflow and data capture.

When applied to the critical ‘final mile’ of the supply chain; the Point of Purchase (PoP) where brand meets retailer meets consumer, this approach aligns perfectly with the Science of POPTM process that Vox already uses to deliver real-time empirical cost and productivity benefits to major customers.

As a leading supplier of Point of Purchase display equipment to global and multinational brands, Vox has already re-engineered its processes from display development through manufacturing to global supply and now offers its existing and new customers a simple, tangible and immediate route to extracting real value from digital transformation.

If you’d like to learn more about the VoxSP approach and how you can leverage digitalization and your PoP supply chain to achieve significant business improvement, please ask your commercial contact at Vox or contact Brian Leech, our CEO.