Augmented Reality

Revolutionising POP Through Apps

When it came to developing our own apps, our starting point was wanting to address the needs of the Point of Purchase (POP) industry. As anyone involved in POP knows, planning and executing in-store displays is a very visual exercise. You want to see how the range of displays would look in your own specific environment - a process that would be laborious and unpredictable when done through creative renders or one-off samples.

That was exactly why here at Vox, we knew that AR was the future of POP sales and planning on the shop floor, and why we committed to doing it before anyone else in the industry. It wasn't easy to get right - we had to overcome challenges such as rendering display models that were photorealistic, but still of a small enough size that they wouldn't crash the salesperson's smartphone when being used.

The Journey to Augmented Reality

It took months of development, testing and refinement to get the app working as we wanted it to in order to provide the smoothest possible user experience and the most realistic AR. But the transformation of the POP sales experience was immediate and significant.

Our customers' salespeople can now show their retailers and distributors exactly how a new display will look in their specific store, using only a smartphone or a tablet. The process is faster, more intuitive and more convincing: a boon for accelerated deal closing in-store. Fresh possibilities can open up too, since display selections and combinations can be instantaneously tested to achieve the optimum solution.

In other words, we didn't create an AR app because it was cool. We did it because it answered the demand for better in-store display visualisation, making life easier for our customers and for the retailers who use their displays.

Harnessing the Power of Digital: Other POP Applications

This same mentality applied to our other apps, such as our digital catalogues that update in real-time to capture any new products, improve category management and integrate seamlessly with our clients' CRMs, ensuring a faster, more efficient supply process and huge productivity gains from their salespeople and installers. As with the AR app, the result is a competitive advantage for Vox and our clients - the Science of POP in action.