The Client

Hozelock, one of Europe’s leading gardening product suppliers, has worked with VOX for fifteen years. Over this time, Vox has provided a world-class POP service delivering displays that consistently present Hozelock’s wide variety of products, in environments ranging from large warehouse stores like B&Q to impulse retail shops.

Additionally, as an outdoor brand, Hozelock is subject to fluctuating demand depending on seasonal weather: if the temperature rises, so does demand. However, this means that any POP chain needs to be able to react quickly to changing inventory and distribution requirements, as Hozelock could find itself wanting to stimulate additional sales at point of purchase at short notice.

The Challenge

  • To provide Hozelock with a cost-effective but flexible supply chain
  • To engineer displays that illustrate features for a wide variety of products
  • To facilitate a fast, adaptive response to changing POP demand

The Solution

Taking Hozelock’s own warehousing shortfall into consideration, Vox implemented a unique supply chain model, which warehouses the POP displays off-site once they are transported in from China. This enables Vox to feed units into the Hozelock distribution system on a JIT basis, ensuring its resources and storage capacity can be freed up for times of peak inventory. In other words, Vox is able to move with the speed of a UK-based manufacturer, but at the price of a Chinese manufacturer.

The displays needed to present a large array of technical products in an easy-to-understand way, demonstrating how each one worked to customers. This required creative engineering solutions that achieved this while still maintaining brand consistency in all circumstances.

With Hozelock benefitting from the ability to respond swiftly to changing demand, while still getting the reduced costs and high-quality, functional POP presentation, the long-term relationship has undoubtedly proved highly successful.