Anheuser-Busch InBev

The Client

As the largest brewer in the world, producing almost one in every three beers, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has a portfolio that includes everything from global brands such as Budweiser and Stella Artois to characteristic craft ales.

AB InBev required smart POP engineering that was able to achieve worldwide consistency of presentation for its individual brands, while simultaneously differentiating each of them so that Stella Artois was not presented the same way as a craft ale. Moreover, in a fast-moving and fiercely competitive industry, a POP supplier that could meet the demands of frequent new campaigns through an agile supply chain was essential.

The Challenge

  • To provide a responsive and robust global POP infrastructure capable of scaling up fast
  • To engineer innovative displays that brought the premium creative branding to life
  • To use Vox’s expertise to keep AB InBev on the cutting-edge of POP

The Solution

Having started out with the successful delivery of 3000 Illuminated Pub Signs units, the Vox relationship with AB InBev continued to go from strength to strength. Through its unique Science of POP model, Vox was able to add value to every stage of the POP process from manufacturing to supply, while providing fantastic support through its highly qualified team of supply and QC professionals.

Leveraging its collective experience and knowledge, as well as the latest CAD technology, Vox developed a component-based display system that could be configured to accommodate any in-store space. The application of these customisable kits also enabled the creation of distinctive merchandising displays, and ensured each brand could be effectively differentiated in a diverse marketplace.

On top of this, the display solutions could be reused and recycled for future programmes – an additional benefit in an industry that relies on new product innovation and regular promotional campaigns.

The result of this world-class POP approach was the emergence of Vox as a leading supplier for AB InBev, delivering thousands of displays across the world and supporting the launches of myriad top brands including Bud Light, Goose Island, Michelob and Shock Top.