The Science of POP

At VOX SP, we are convinced that there’s a better way to do POP in the 21st century. That’s why we’re on a mission to improve our clients’ business profitability and speed to market by transforming the POP status quo.

We do this by thinking of POP as a Science. Our years of industry experience have proven that, through smart engineering, efficient supply chain management and cutting-edge digital tools, cost reductions and shorter lead times can be achieved without compromising on global brand consistency.

We recognise the need to work hand in hand with our clients’ Marketing and Procurement departments, and we’re passionate about ensuring the brand experience designed by Marketing can be delivered through uniquely intelligent POP solutions while still achieving a cost-efficient and reliable supply chain.

Our flexible and adaptable processes allow us to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ requirements and systems, resulting in long-term economies rarely encountered in the POP sector. This helps us demonstrate the potential of clients’ supply chains as a driving factor of bottom line improvements

With offices in the UK, USA and China, we have a truly global presence that allows us to control the engineering, manufacturing, and supply of our clients’ POP, empowering our clients to make better business decisions, day after day.

Our equation for success is simple